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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scrapbooking Software Giveaway!

If you're like me, you are interested in multiple other crafts besides sewing… but, if you're like me, sewing is your first love.  Recently, because of my wedding, I've been doing a lot of photo journaling and scrapbooking.  This used to mean getting out the glue, scissors and boxes of paper bits to incorporate into your design. It also used to mean spending tons of money on papers, embellishments, photo prints and albums. Not anymore! With today's digital scrapbooking options, you can have all of the fun with none of the mess, and very little expense.

But what does this have to do with sewing, you might ask.  Well, sewing is never far from my mind. Remember all those cool vintage patterns I got at the estate sale? I need a means of cataloging them so that I can minimize handling them unless I'm tracing them for use.  So, I used My Memories Suite™ to create scrapbook pages which I can use to organize and catalog my patterns.  When shopping, I can bring a printed page with me, rather than trying to jot notes in my unreadable chickenscratch, or bring the actual pattern envelope and risk damage to already fragile goods.

Best of all, this was so easy! I just scanned the pattern envelopes (something I'm still in the process of doing) and used the scans as pictures in my design. I added places to make notes. One about the pattern itself, and one to notes dates I made up the pattern, what fabric I used and the results.  I added some sewing clipart from my collection, and voila! I'm really excited about this because it helps me stay organized on several fronts.

This isn't the only application of digital scrapbooking software for the sewing room, I'm sure… I have another few project ideas up my sleeve! And, I'd like to share the software with you.  I'm giving away one free copy of the software right here.  Simply go to the My Memories site and look over all the scrapbooking kits. Come back here and leave me a comment, letting me know your favorite kit. I will select a winner at random on September 25th!  Good luck!
Also, how do you organize and track your patterns?  Especially the delicate ones? I'm always open to suggestions!


  1. I have this large rectangle see through plastic container, lined up patterns in the cardboard pattern holder boxes, pretty colors. Patterns are grouped and a thin cardboard with labels on top says what those are... All neat for now as I would love to have a large room with furnitures to pretty up the room and have those already in the pattern boxes put on visual shelves.... but no room so this clear see through is for me for now as I open the closet, I get to see those in sight, even those many materials in organized with same fabrics like cottons, wools, etc... :)

  2. My patterns are currently in a few plastic drawer containers, but that was before I got into the vintage patterns. Now I need something larger to accomodate room for the pattern and all the traced pieces. Once I do that, the pieces can't go back in the envelope, so I'm using large Ziplock bags to hold everything.

    Not ideal. A few pattern envelopes and instructions are really deteriorating with age so I've laminated them so I can use them.

    Love your syster -- it is ingenius!

    Looking over the site I like the "sewing room" kit.

  3. Mine are just stacked up in a pile in a bookcase - not a great system. Not even a system to be honest ;)

    Jungle Adventures looks like a very cute kit to me.

  4. What a clever and pretty idea! And what amazing choices on the website for kits. I rather liked 'Serenity Combo' - it has some lovely textured looking papers and elements in a number of colours that would look lovely with a pattern and fabric choices.

    All my patterns are currently stored in boxes and catalogued on my iPad using a database app called Bento - it is pretty good, I can select patterns by various criteria that I have added to the database - I've got copies of the front of the patterns but have not yet scanned in the backs with the material info. I am working on my husband to write me a website to store all this . . . . !

    I have three or four 1920's patterns that are in the plastic bags that I received them in (so not very attractive), I think that I may buy a 'shadow' box - the ones that people use to display footballs etc. I think a nice display of a couple of patterns/fabric, some old buttons and cotton reels would make a cute vignette and would be very inspirational!