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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sewing Books: An Obsession

I'm of the mindset that you can never have enough books.  Especially books about things you love.  In my case - sewing!  Today I was wandering in my local Joann's Fabrics (something I really shouldn't do because it always ends with money in their registers and less in my wallet) and I came upon a basket of books.  Well, of course the temptation was too much for me.  I had gone in for something specific, but books always catch my eye.  Here is the book I came home with:

A very nifty volume, with tons of how-to goodness!  But what was better is what I paid.

I could not walk away from that!  I admit that I am somewhat of a collector when it comes to sewing books (as well as machines, fabrics, notions - okay - anything that has anything to do with sewing) and I received one as a Yule gift as well.  My husband indulges my penchant sewing and for books.

This lovely book dates from the forties and is packed with clear instructions, historical opinion about dress and fashion, and great illustrations.

This book's previous owner had placed a bookplate on the flyleaf.

Zadie sounds like a girl after my own heart!  What are your favorite sewing references?


  1. I found a sewing guide from the 60s. Original I was going to take it apart to make a case for a tablet (I sell them). But once I started looking at the pages I realized that I wanted to keep the book for myself. It has useful illustrations and good advice. I love the retro fashions!

    1. How fun! The advice tends to be timeless, and the retro fashions are a cool bonus in these great older books!