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Friday, May 13, 2016

Now Appearing in my Sewing Room

I have not been sewing much lately.  I've been arriving home from work too tired to do anything precise.  My commute is about 50 minutes each way most days (I work from a local office 1 day a week) so whatever vim and vigor I have left at the end of the day is usually drained away by the time I get home.  Not a complaint - just the way it is.

Because of the lack of energy, I've turned to some pretty simple patterns to fill in the spare moments, as well as the holes in my wardrobe.  Here is what I am working on:

First, Butterick BP277, a Lisette pattern.  I really like the simple lines of this dress.  Perfect for those warm summer days, without being at all revealing.  Great for work.

And here is the fabric I chose from the stash.  This particular fabric was obtained from a friend who was given the fabric from another friend who was downsizing!  Free is my favorite price point for fabric.  It's a rayon, which seems to crinkle easily.

Then there's McCall's MP393, an easy pull on cargo pant.  I am ALWAYS in need of pants.  I'm making this one out of a khaki blended fabric which also came out of the "friend of a friend" box.

I hope you are enjoying spring!  Weather here is getting nice, so I've also been spending spare time on the yard as well.  So many competing priorities!  I'm sure you feel that way, too!  I'll [pst pictures of the completed garments when they are done.  Thank you for checking in with me!