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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sew Committed: Sewing Goals for 2017!

2016 was a slow year on the blog.  I had some great sewing projects during the year, but it didn't feel like enough sewing time.  I'm looking forward to sewing more in 2017.  Here are my sewing goals for the year.

1.  Focus on upcycling.  I continue to be excited by reusing textiles from cast off clothing and homegoods.  I like a look that smoothly incorporates castoffs so that the finished product does not look too disjointed or over-planned.

2.  Lagenlook.  Let's face facts - I'm over 50 and I've been reading a few articles lately about styles that should be retired from my wardrobe.  Also, at the New Year's gala I attended, I couldn't help but notice a striking, slim woman wearing a lovely teal strapless evening gown.  She was probably in her 60s.  Though the dress fit nicely, it looked as though her back and shoulders were melting over the bodice of her gown.  Her skin was too slack to rock the strapless look.  Because of this experience, as well as my recent reading, I'm always on the lookout for designs that will flatter an aging figure.  The term lagenlook comes from German and means "layered look".  It can be done sleek and businesslike or ruffly and boho.  I've been interested for a while in adding more of these pieces to my closet.

3.  Vintage!  Vintage looks are always inspiring,  I love to "play dress-up", but I also look for vintage patterns that can be worn for everyday use.  Edwardian fashion, the jazz age and mod 60s looks are all of interest to me now.

4.  Perfecting techniques.  Another goal for this year's sewing is to work on perfecting some of the techniques I've used before to make sewing even more enjoyable.  Rolled hems, blind hems, lightweight fabrics, knits, hand stitched buttonholes and flawless zippers are easily called to mind examples.

I look forward to sharing my progress toward these goals with you!  As always, please feel free to add a comment with ideas about anything you might like to see me do this year.  Thanks, and happy sewing!