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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things I've been up to

September flew by without one post, but that does not mean I haven't been busy! In fact, I don't really know where the time went. Time management has become a forefront issue for me, lately. I even drew up a Daily Routine sheet to remind me what I "should" be doing, and a Weekly Housework list, as well. Sounds all rather dull, until I think about the things I've been making. The cute Halloween Frame, above, was soooooo easy! Googly eyes, foam letters and witch, frame from the clearance rack at Target! Very good for pictures of the family in all their costume finery!
I completed a little jumper for Mike's granddaughter. She looks so cute in it, but of course I did not have my camera when she was wearing it, only in my studio, so here's a flat, girl-less photo so you can at least see it!

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