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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sewing Withdrawal

My main sewing machine is in the shop.  I was working on a little restyle (which I was planning to post) and it just refused to continue.  I opened everything I was comfortable opening and could not see any problems - no thread visibly looped where it should not have been, no obvious issues of any kind - so off to the repair shop it went.

My Euro-Pro has been my main machine for many years.  I really love almost everything about this machine, although it can be fussy in the tension department, and will bleep at me in an annoying manner if things get bollixed up.  I have sewn an amazing number of projects on this machine, with stunning results.

Now to be honest, I also own two Singers of relatively recent vintage, two antique Singers and a Brother introductory type serger.  Love the serger, too, though I'm still challenged every time I go to thread it. Without my go-to machine, I feel a little lost, and my projects are at a stand-still.

What's your favorite machine, and what do you doo when it's in the shop?

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