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Friday, August 8, 2014

Revealing Wrap to Trapeze Top

Feels like a long time since I've sewn anything.  I finally got a day to work on some things, thanks to a day off!  Today's project:

I have a lightweight (almost scarf material) summer wrap dress I bought several years ago while on a cruise in the Caribbean.  I love the fabric, but I always felt a little exposed.  The dress draped over the front and tied like an apron, then did the same but in reverse to cover the back side.  I was always afraid my sides were showing, or that it was a little too short.

So, I decided to make a trapeze top out of it.  With this particular fabric, it will flow nicely, look great with jeans, and be a little more secure.

I put the dress on and marked where the armscye should close.

Then I spread out the dress on the cutting surface (which happens to be my bedroom floor).

Once I evened everything out and sewed the new sides together, I realized that with the weight of this fabric, only a rolled hem would do, so I for out my trusty rolled hem foot.

The completed top came out pretty cute!

Please share your latest creations!

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