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Friday, August 8, 2014

Trashed Tee to Colorblocked Dress

Sale rack meets junk T in this upcycle project!

I had a really soft comfortable T shirt (which came from Chico's, so it was not cheap either) that I was wearing during a crafting session one day.  Needless to say I ruined the shirt by getting some glue on it.

The glue spots look really small in the picture, but I always felt self-conscious wearing it.  I decided to make a dress out of it when I saw a plain black children's maxi on a sale rack at Target.  The maxi is made of a very soft knit with lycra, and is black.

After removing the elastic waistband, the cropped top and the skirt lined up PERFECTLY!  I think they were meant to be together!  The only problem was getting slippery knits to cooperate and play along.  I decided to use dryer sheets as a stabilizer (what?).  First I cut the sheets into strips.

Then, I placed the strips under my work so that the knit was not touching the feed dogs.

When the dress was completed, I clipped away the dryer sheet.  Here's the finished dress!  I hope you like it, and I hope you let me know what you are working on!


  1. I am so stealing this idea! I have heard of doing this, but no one else showed it so clearly, from oops to ta-da! Thank you. (And now you know why I have crafting and gardening clothes... so I hopefully won't keep ruining the good stuff!)

    1. Yes, I should watch what I'm wearing when glue is flowing! I do love the resulting dress, and I wear it quite a bit, so at least my mistake did not result in a total loss.