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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Interim

I'm stalled on my sailor dress, waiting to find just the right buttons.  So, in the interim, I decided to share another of my thrifted vest upcycles.  These are fun and simple to do.  Find an old men's vest in a thrift sore, and embellish, or alter as you like!  In this case I took a thrifted men's tie with colors that compliment the subtle stripe in the vest and turned it into a ruffle.  I added some burlap flowers and buttons to feminize it.  This can be worn with jeans and a top, over a dress, or with a skirt and blouse!  The materials cost for the vest comes in at about $6.

Also, I wanted to share one of the Yule gifts I made, this one for my son.  It's a simple throw made from his old ice hockey jerseys.  It was fun, easy, and quick to make, which is what I really needed while I was in the throes of gift production.

Hopefully I can acquire the buttons I need over the weekend and get moving on the sailor dress.  I didn't want to start buttonholes until I had the buttons they are intended for in hand. 

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