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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Making the Cut

I've been delaying actually cutting satin for my wedding dress.  The thought of cutting into the satin has been daunting because I know I can't get more if I screw up.  This is because the satin comes from the skirt of my mother's wedding dress.

Today I screwed up my courage and cut the bodice and the bodice lining.  Next, I'll cut the lace for the bodice.  Then I have to make a lace overskirt for the skirt of the dress, which I am partially re-using as it is.  This is kind of confusing to explain, so I'll try to post some pictures soon.

The lace is very similar to the original lace netting from the original gown, but there was not enough of it preserved to use.

Last weekend we visited the place where our ceremony is going to be.  Here's a glimpse of the stone altar.

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