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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Preserving (Recent) History: Pattern from Loved Dress

Once upon a time I had a dress that I just loved.  It fit and flattered perfectly.  It was from Chico's and was made of a comfy, breathable and packable rayon.  I could add a jacket for office, or a cardi for evening.

Then, one day, it ripped along a seam line in several places.  Reparable - yes - probably by replacing the whole seamline.  I can't just sew a new seam, as then it would probably become too snug.  So, my first step was to make a pattern from the old dress, though I added quite a bit toward the hemline, to make a trapeze fit.  I want to use it to make tunics.

Next, I made a muslin, which I plan to wear as a nightgown.  I used leftover fabric from a sheet set I picked up at a garage sale.  I had used the flat sheet earlier to make a dress.

It was also a great opportunity to practice self-bias binding...

 and using my narrow hem foot!

That was both fun and practical!  Next up, a top from this pretty fabric!

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  1. What a useful top! I've been making a lot of Tina Givens garments recently - lots of loose layers - and this would fit in perfectly!

    1. I LOVE Tina Givens! That whole chic yet comfortable vibe is kind of where I'm heading with my wardrobe. Thanks for visiting!