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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sister Support

One thing I notice about the sewing blogging community is how really supportive we are of each other's successes and failures.  We all struggle with learning new techniques, wrestling slippery fabrics, and days where not a single thing goes right.  But, I've found, when I'm having one of those days, all I need to do is post about it.  The simple act of spilling my guts helps process whatever is going wrong, but sure enough, someone will be there to suggest an alternative, point the way to a great tutorial, or just comiserate!  You rock, ladies!

As I previously blogged, I'd really like to do some Edwardian sewing, and I have a few things picked out, but I may need to wait for some patterns to arrive.  Meantime I have a commissioned clergy robe to work on, and some more UFOs to tackle, as well as a basket full of restylables.  I haven't quite decided what the week will bring, but I'm glad you'll be here with me!  Thanks to you, I know I'll get it all done, one step, and one post, at a time!


  1. I agree. I think there is this perception that women can be catty and mean to each other but I've found that the online sewing community is so filled with support. People commiserate with your failures and enjoy your successes. It's really lovely.
    Can't wait to see the results of your Edwardian sewing.

    1. Totally agree. After reading some of my Sew Weekly posts my husband even remarked at how amazingly positive everyone was. You don't usually get that sort of support on the interwebs.

  2. I recently attempted a *very* unsuccessful soft guitar case - it looked fine, but did the guitar fit through the zipper opening? Nope...

    I'll post a re-try at Patchwork Radicals soon - hopefully it will be marginally more successful, but if not at least others have been there too!