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Friday, June 15, 2012

Yard Sale Booty

Fridays are my yard sale day.  I can drive around the area going to sale after sale, just browsing and enjoying myself.  Not much in today's haul, I'm afraid.  Two yardsticks...

Some pretty antique hankies...

A small bag of bias tape, piping and ribbon...

12 cards of buttons...

An antique bottle for a friend... it says Cramer's Kidney Cure on it.  I bought it for a friend who has kidney disease.  I also got a cute pair of costume earrings that will go with my lavendar suit dress, and this book.

The book is full of the former owner's cuttings from other books and papers...mostly poetry, so it will be fun to go through.  That's all folks!  Did you find anything cool this week?


  1. Not much in today's haul?? I think you got some great stuff - and all those buttons!!!!

    1. They had tons of buttons... I probably should have gotten more! Unfortunately, there were no patterns :-(.

  2. oooh ! what amazing finds .. hopefully i stumble onto something like this sooon !

  3. The little book is what I admire. I love the name Minerva. What a great cover.