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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Amazing Shrinking Pattern?

I am puzzled, befuddled and bamboozled!  I am sad and bereft.  My beautiful Edwardian Skirt does not fit me!  In fact, It came out INCHES too small.  I am confused.  And I want to cry.  The pattern was for a 34 - 36 inch waist.  Check.  I followed all instructions and the 3/8ths inch seam allowances to the letter.

So, why oh why did the waist on the finished garment come out to 31.5 inches?  It didn't even fit Betsy, my dress dummy, with all her dials dialed to the smallest possible numbers.  Oh well. live and learn.  I didn't think I needed to do a muslin for a skirt.  I thought wrong!  And it came out so awesome, too, and I can't even wear it. 

Back to the drawing board... another restyle?  A UFO?  Or the Colette Meringue I cut a couple of weeks ago?


  1. What a bummer. :(
    Can you make any alterations to make it fit you? Add in an extra panel?

    1. I could if I had more fabric. I was using up a remnant from another project and there was just enough. I won't let it beat me! I'll consider this a wearable (by someone other than me) muslin and make another in another fabric.

  2. I've been working on a dress on and off for the past year. Love the fabric and pattern. Well, last week I corrected the midriff section which came out wonky. I had underlined the bodice and it added too much bulk in the midriff because of using the wrong fabric. Not to mention the midriff was somehow cut wrong in the first place. I undid the top of the bodice, recut a new midriff and lining. The dress now looked beautiful and it was good to go. So I thought. I was ready to sew the skirt and bodice together, but decided to try it on first with the pins. You can imagine my dismay when it turned out the bodice was 2" too small. I had never bothered checking to see if the bodice even fit in the back. I knew the skirt fit because I make a lot of them. I have to decrease inches on the hip size on the pattern. Unfortunately, I forgot I should have increased a few inches at the waist. Live and learn.

    Your skirt looks beautiful. Consider it a beautiful muslin. Can you add a panel in the back? I did that with one skirt, and it turned out nice. I guess it al depends on the pattern and material.

  3. How beautiful it is, how upsetting. I feel your pain x

  4. ouch! This has happened to me also. I now "walk" the pattern, and measure waist and hip on the tissue. Even with that step, some things just don't fit when is a mystery.

    Can you put in a contrast panel and call it a design feature?

  5. I don't know what pattern company you were using, but from that measurement, it sounds to me like they forgot to include the seam allowance on the pattern. That is just waayyyy tooo much off to be an accident on your part.. sounds like to me that every seam that joined was missing 3/8 of an inch.. do some math and figure up how much extra you would have if there were an additional 3/8 inch added to all edges of the material that was cut.. at least then you'll know you're not the one to blame, lol!