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Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Early Re-Style

Spring is so beautiful and cleansing!  Here's a picture from last weekend at my favorite retreat center!

I wanted to have something to show you at the end of the week, but I'm really spending a lot of time on my 1912 Skirt.  So, I thought I'd show you one of my first restyles.  It's not a major overhaul, but an enhancement that I love.  I wear this jacket constantly in spring and fall!  Even sometimes when the air conditioning is too intense in the summer.  It's my go to outdoor jacket.

You may remember that I LOVE dragonflies.  I had found the denim jacket in a thrift store for about $3.  And, though I wanted to wear it as a jacket and not alter the structure, it was a little plain.  So, I drew my little friend dragonfly amid the moon and stars. 

I made a pattern using paper and cut out each piece with an extra quarter inch allowance for tucking under.  Using the paper applique method, I stitched each piece of fabric onto the paper pattern, turning under the allowances as I went.  Then, I pressed the pieces and gently tore away the paper.  I placed the pieces on the starry sky background fabric and stitched them in place!

If you ever see the crazy lady with the dragonfly jacket at a yard sale or sewing show, that's me!  Stop me and say hello!


  1. I love this dragonfly against the night sky. Gorgeous work!

    1. Thank you! I love old school appliqué. It was fun to do.