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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Refashion Top

In my quest to quickly sew up some items I can wear everyday instead of that uniform T shirt and jeans, I'm doing another top restyle.  As a pattern, I'm using a me-made patternless top from about two years ago.  It's just a simple boxy, or crop, top.  There are no real design features (no closures, no darts) and it relies on the drape of the fabric to lend shape to the garment.

The subject of the upcycle is a thrift store dress I got for $4.99 on the same day that I scored the men's shirts.  It seems hopelessly 80s, but may actually be 90s.

It was originally a very nice dress, I'm sure.  It was a Karin Stevens, a quality brand.

What sold me on it for a restyle was the pretty floral print fabric, which, as you can see is 100% rayon.  Dry clean only - but I washed the dress and hung it to dry when I got it home.

And I'll have to think of something to do with the remainders because I do like the lace collar detail, but obviously not for this project.  Any suggestions?

Stay tuned!  I'll probably cut today and sew tomorrow.


  1. Do ever "create" your own fabric by serging different fabrics together, as found in "Serger Secrets." You could serge the lace with other laces to a lovely silk, satin, or other beautiful fabrics. I know you don't have enough lace from this project, but by collecting other laces, you would eventually end up with a nice collection which could be made into something very special.

    1. Oooooh! That's a great idea! The piece on this dress is rather small, but pieced with more lace, it could be really cool! Thanks!