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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Return of the Mom Jumper

Remember when I made the Mom Jumper Restyle top?  I had the very top of the Jumper left over.  So I decided today to make an accessory to go with it.  I took my inspiration from a tutorial I found on one of my frequent flyer blog hops at Lines Across My Face.  The tutorial is for a twisted headband, and was on Quiver Full of Blessings.  I did make some slight modifications.  More on that later.

First I cut long strips of fabric from my leftover jumper top.

Then I sewed these into two tubes.

And turned the tubes right side out.

Then, I looped the two tubes together.

Next, I attached the loops to a hair elastic.

And that's it!  How easy is that?

It's hard to take pictures of yourself in the mirror... harder than it was it make the whole headband.

My modifications were 1) to make the fabric loops into tubes  (I didn't want any ravelling) and 2) to add the elastic to make the headband more comfortable and easy to put on and take off. 

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