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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cutting to the Chase

I needed to vacuum my bedroom today.  Not really worth mentioning except that I thought I might as well cut a few patterns first.  The logic in that is that my carpet is chocolate brown and shows every thread (and bit of goosedown from my comforter), so I thought I'd cut first and then vacuum.  Here's the color scheme in my bedroom below:

Here in the northeast we spend so much of the year in hibernation, that these colors work great for that!  However, it does mean you vacuum frequently to get rid of the fluffies on your carpet.

First I laid out a pattern I've been wanting to get to since last summer.  I bought it in a discontinued pattern bin, and even though it's not vintage, it definitely has that vintage sixties feel.  It's Burda 8995. 

I reminds me of a dress worn by Emma Stone in her role as Skeeter in The Help.

I'm doing the dress in a contemporary print somewhat like a barkcloth, and the jacket in plain black.

Then I cut a (hopefully wearable) muslin of the top of the Butterick 4228 I got yesterday in the mail.  I'm using fabric harvested from another one of those thrift store mom jumpers.  But confusion, consternation and kerflufflement ensued when I laid out my pattern pieces and found that the original owner had decided to alter the facings.  She cut each facing into two pieces!

Which I then carefully pinned together to make them whole again.  I will now trace these onto freezer paper to make replacements.

The fabric is a soft jersey, and I really like the little violets.  If it does turn out to be wearable, I have just the skirt fabric to go with it!

And now I'm done cutting, and my room is vacuumed.  What other trouble can I get into today?

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  1. I'll admit my age by saying I went to college in the '60's. I made myself many dresses from a pattern that looks just like the Burda dress back then but without the jacket! It was both easy to make and flattering. I love the fabric you picked for it and a black jacket will be wonderful.