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Monday, May 7, 2012

Thoughts on Me-Made-May

Clinton and Stacy would be very dissappointed in me! I didn't take the pledge to participate in Me-Made-May. In a way I feel kind of bad about it. Usually I don't participate in things because I arrive late to the party, if you will. By the time I know about the sew-along, or the contest, I don't have enough time left to plan and execute. But that isn't the case this time.

My daily uniform is jeans and a T-shirt. Not even a nice one - more like the kind you might wear while you wash the car or give the dog a bath. I just don't go anywhere to wear my me-made creations. I'm currently a home based person, literally a blogger and a sewist by trade. The children are all teens (or greater, for the ones who don't live at home) so I don't really call myself a SAHM.   Disclaimer: This picture isn't me BUT IT COULD BE ME!

I have made many a pretty outfit. Really. I just think wearing them to vacuum and do housework, write, cut more patterns and sew just doesn't work.  But I suppose it's not beyond the realm of possibility to look good while vacuuming, right?

So I guess I need to re-evaluate what I'm sewing and make more stuff that I can wear every day. Maybe some Clovers and cute tops. Maybe some casual blazers. Maybe even some house dresses a la June Cleaver and Lucy.


  1. Oh, I wish I had your problems! Haha, if I could stay home and write/sew/blog/clean house all day, I'd be happy as a clam -- or so I like to think. I'm pretty sure I'd also fall into the forever-casual trap, though.

    I definitely support your plan to make more at-home-appropriate garments, especially a house dress or two! :)

    1. It gets kind of old some days, but I'm really not complaining! I just love a good excuse to dress up!

  2. Dee, I am right where you are-retired, no children, lots of leisure time and no nightlife in this rural backwater of a town. I made a vow to figure out what style best suited me, and sew for the life I have now. So, pants and tees, skirts occasionally, a dress once in awhile, jackets and cardis. That is what I sew now. I am doing MMM'12 and it is helping me weed out some of my clothing. I only have 1/2 of my closet to hang clothes so weeding is essential.

  3. I am right there with you. Though I am a SAHM with a two year old, I too dress casually most of the time and am trying to sew more of what I will actually wear regularly, rather than the lovely dresses I wear on rare occasion. I wore a dress yesterday though, no special occasion just knew I would be out of the house and not doing any cleaning!

  4. Omigod, I am so glad there are other people who dress like I do when I am at home. Actually, I look much worse because I am either gardening, walking a dog or painting, so I am sometimes dirty and always covered in paint! I have given up on buying clothes ever since the stupid low waist pants came in because nothing fits me and most clothing is just boring. So I am trying to construct clothes I like and that are comfortable to wear. Sometimes there is success and sometimes there are "wadders" (wad it up and chuck it in the trash). It would help matters if I didn't become enamored with the whole Downton Abbey beauty.