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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Happy Holiday

Wow!  It seems like a long time since I sat down to blog!  I gave myself a four day weekend, and it was great!  I hope you all had fun as well.  On Friday I got to take some pictures, which is one of my little side hobbies.  I can't wait to get a better camera so I can play around in this arena even more.  Here are some of the lovely flowers blooming near us in the Northeast right now.

I also got a lovely surprise from one of the boys on Friday.  He's been taking a shop course in school, and he made me this awesome box.

It has a little drawer.

And the top opens up.

With his permission, I was thinking of decoupaging some old sewing patterns (Down girls - ones with missing pieces that are too numerous to try to make) and some sewing graphics to the ouside of the box to decorate it.  Then I was going to use it to store notions and feet. What do you think?

Many other projects in the pipeline this week as well.  First off, I'm cleaning the sewing room.  I've kind of been letting things accumulate from the last several projects and that is never good.  Do you clean after each project, or do you wait several to give it a good once over?

While cleaning the sewing room, I'm also giving my machine a tune up using the free class available right now on Craftsy!


  1. I decoupaged a sewing machine box with stray pattern pieces, and I loved how it came out. I also used envelope illustrations, most of which I printed off of the Vintage Pattern Wiki. I got some gorgeous ones that I most certainly do not own this way!

    1. Great idea about the Vintage Pattern Wiki! Sounds like you did something a lot like what I envision!

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  3. Opps, meant to edit my comment. Even though decoupaging is nice, I prefer wood in a natural state, or with a stain. What a sweet gift, and that drawer is a very special element.

    1. He's a sweet kid. I know what you mean about woot. I debated just enhancing the finish, but the wood is not high quality. We'll see how it comes out!